Whilst Singapore is a little island, the difference between regions is significant. Your chosen locale will greatly rely on your allowance, lifestyle, work condition, and certain household requirements. You can choose to live in District 15 of Singapore. Thiam Siew freehold condo is an 18-story building that is found at Thiam Siew Avenue in District 15 in Singapore. This new development comprises about 800 residence units, with each unit captioning 1-4 bedrooms.

If you have kids who are attending international schools, you may deem residing near those schools to lessen their everyday travel. Vicinity to public transport is furthermore significant when agreeing where to live. As even if you don’t work nearby, at least you will have access to public transport that is safe and punctual. 

What are the aspects I should take note of when I glimpse the properties?

You should take note of the common situation of the floors, the wall paint (if it needs a fresh coat of paint), however, this doesn’t apply if you buy a new condo that hasn’t been used by anyone. For example: Thiam Siew freehold condo.

You should look at window treatments, (furniture and beds if it is a completely furnished property), air-conditioning units, kitchen appliances, the view glancing out of the property whether it faces another house or construction site, how much sunshine does the estate get if there is heated water running through the kitchen (if that is crucial to you). The vicinity to public transport, i.e. the closest MRT station or bus stops, regional supermarkets, stores, etc. Try to avert occupancy near bars and cafeterias as the noise degree may be elevated in the nights and weekends.

 Will a parking area be given?

In a condominium, a parking area is usually allotted for each unit. To avoid difficulty, it is nice to request this in the LOI and assure that it will be provided. You will require enrolling your car with the administration office preliminary to parking in the car park.

OK, I’m willing to begin my search. What occurs next?

Once you have a detailed brief, get in touch with your management via email or call and schedule Thiam Siew showflat. The viewings will be pre-arranged with the proprietors or their dealers exemplifying them and planned into a calendar (viewing list) which will be illustrated to you on the day of the viewing. 

Once you have searched for the right estate, we would indicate that you do the next viewing instantly to test the estate in tremendous detail. This is to assist you to decide if you have any doubt about the estate before you make an offer to the landlord. Show flat services are beat and most satisfying aspect of a property purchase. It makes the butter satisfied and assured of his purchase. 


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